Go an endless roadtrip and outlast your engine with Exxonmobil

    Regional across 11 asian countries & 6 european countries.

    We’ve created a mobile-first HTML5 website game to target the rising numbers of mobile-users. As users are trying to get their best score, they drive pass obstacles and enemy cars to avoid their engine from over-heating, they would need to consume the Exxon Lubricant bottle and as it is consumed the key benefits of the Exxon Mobil Lubricant is highlighted as their Engine meter returns to a more healthier state. So the rule of the game, get more Exxon Lubricant bottles and you can go further with your race!

    The competition spans over 2 months across the different contingents and includes a grand prize winner of 2 air tickets flown to London.

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    • Client: Exxonmobil, BBDO