BreadTalk wants to adopt a completely different strategy for The Icing Room in China.

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    Unlike in Singapore where there are physical touch-points f or people to self- customize cakes , The Icing Room China is purely based on an e-commerce model. Hence, their website needs to stand out above their biggest competitors and be able to influence purchase through visuals and the user experience.

    Through some competitive analys is , we realized that most of the other ecommerce cake websites are very product-focused and static. It does not sell you much beyond the colors, decoration and flavors of the cake. Instead, The Icing Room China will boast lifestyle images of the chefs at work, mood shots and even sourcing of quality ingredients . This cleverly pos itions The Icing Room as a premium cake shop that relates to the lifestyle of its consumers. The mobile responsive feature also makes it convenient for consumers to purchase on the go.

    We were involved right from the very first conceptual stages from UX to UI and even photography art direction. This was followed up by design and also frontend web development with consideration for ecommerce integration. Backend integration was done by a China agency.

    Icingroom China